Saturday, 17 March 2007

Reigate Hill to Bocketts Farm

By RCC Administrator
Saturday, March 17, 2007 - 00:00
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Reigate Hill to Reigate Hill

Why? I hear you ask, and this was backed up with just 2 riders joining me. The aim of the early rides is to improve fitness and stamina with a few extra miles before the main ride. Gareth, Alan and I (Richard) headed down through Nut Wood with Alan mucking about trying to take photos. We went under the motorway and up via Crossways farm, over the A217 to Mogador and back to Reigate Hill. Total distance 6 miles.

Reigate Hill to Bocketts Farm

Setting off with 22 riders, we headed across Banstead Common at a reasonable pace. The ground was firm providing little resistance. The pre-ride had got some of us warmed up and we were raring to go, but others made it clear that they wanted a gentler ride. We soon realised that we had gained a rider as Dave R caught up with us as he was delayed leaving.

Reaching the top of Stane Street, we took the rollercoaster route all the way down to the bottom of Box Hill, where Lee got a puncture. The mechanics set about the repair job while the rest of us continued on. We went under the A24 and up Crabtree Lane. As we took the swooping descent round to Bocketts Farm we found Adam coming towards us. He had headed out early to Leigh, which is where we are meeting NEXT week.

A good slice of Mars Bar cake was enjoyed by most at Bocketts Farm, they had to bring out their reserve supplies as Alan pinched the last one. When setting off Lee’s puncture reoccurred, so it was fixed again. It was a fairy direct route back to Reigate Hill with no more incidents.

Richard Sterry