Saturday, 16 June 2007

Reigate to Epsom & on to Cobham

By RCC Administrator
Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 20:30
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Reigate to Epsom

The heavens opened as I set out at 7.30am for the Early Morning ride. I wasn’t surprised to see the car park empty as I sheltered by the coffee shop waiting for someone to join me. When 8.00 arrived, I set out on my own towards Epsom. The rain eased but the mud across Banstead Common splattered me from head to toe, where I was glad of my waterproof socks. Heading towards Epsom and through Epson Common the sun came out and the ground was dry.

Reaching Horton Country Park in very good time, I continued on to explore the area before joining the others for the main ride.

The ride home was just as exciting and I managed to clock up 50 miles in preparation for my South Dows Way ride in 2 weeks time.

Richard Sterry

Epsom to Cobham

Arriving at the car park, I almost thought we had the wrong day. A mere handful of keen riders were huddled around their cars clearly hoping that I hadn't taken the decision to avoid the promised bad weather and abandon them like many of our fellow members.

With a quota of eight we took in two loops of Epsom/Ashtead common before setting for Esher Common via Claygate. The first off of the day was provided by Richard who poorly judged a simple log and came a cropper. With only pride damaged we pushed on.

A few new routes were added including a mini-Wales adventure that left me facing the dirt as I mis-read the warning signs and took a shot at some freestyle jumps. As I approached the ramp, I made the near fatal mistake of leaning forward, leaving me a foot short of the exit and crashing to a halt. Again no injuries, just a red face.

After tea and cake in Cobham, we hot footed it back to Epsom via HRH QEII bridelway and Epsom Common. At 1.03pm we exchanged best wishes in the Horton Car Park and the Redhill riders saddled up for the return to Jct 8.

Chris Cahill