Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Gareth doesn't spare the hills

By Richard Sterry
Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 14:22
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Gareth was rather relived when Mark Edwards turned up as it doubled the numbers for the evening MTB ride. Heading across the ridge at quite some speed they met up with Richard who had cycled from his work in Weybridge.

When approaching Headley, Mark’s front forks leaked making them ineffective. We pumped them up and used the lockout which didn’t really help so Mark asked if we could avoid the rocky bumpy sections. “Just take them easy” was Gareth’s reply in good humour, indicating that we were going to do the rocky bits anyway!

We descended down from High Ashurst to Cockshot Cottage, then took the steep climb up the other side of Lodgebotton lane to White Hill. Managing to get to the top without stopping was a first for me. We then traversed across to Stane Street to return back to Cockshot Cottage. This time we climbed the rocky trail up to High Ashurst. It was another first for me to get up this without stopping.

Opting for a flatter route back, we got to Headley where Gareth smelt the beer at the Sportsman. He then pulled out all the stops to get there in record time across the golf course. Allowing Gareth to get there first, he had no option than to get the drinks in.

A good challenging, hilly and fast ride. Thanks Gareth

Richard Sterry