Saturday, 13 June 2009

Offer them fish and chips and they'll go anywhere!

By Mat Swan
Sunday, June 21, 2009 - 19:47
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Starting with the main ride, a few of us decided it just wasn't enough!

We dived off Holmbury Hill and headed south towards Ewhurst, winding through bridleways (and nettles), even managing to find a fair bit of mud on the way! Once we hit the Downs Link the pace upped quite a bit, and we soon made it to the tea stop at Freshwater country park for a well earned rest.

Saddling up again, we steamed on, with only a couple of punctures slowing us down, and the sight of the south downs slowly looming larger in the distance drawing us on. The climb up to Truleigh Hill youth hostel is not the nicest, I'm sure many will know, and after ages cranking in the big ring it felt longer than ever, but well worth it for the views! The rolling hills were a brilliant ride too.

After dropping past Devil's Dyke, we turned south again on the Sussex border path into Brighton, were we made our way down to the seafront for some even more well deserved fish and chips. We parted company for the journey home, satisfied that it'd been a good day out.

Cheers to everyone who came with me