Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ride with Phil on Leith Hill

20130420 - Summer Lighting Aled
By Mat Swan
Monday, April 22, 2013 - 00:06
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Without a cloud in the sky, dry trails and the promise of a morning of singletrack it wasn't a huge surprise to find lots of people already unpacking bikes when I arrived at the car park. A 22 strong group was soon ready to roll so we head out of the car park and spun through the sleepy village of Coldharbour. Within a mile we were already at the first singletrack trail of the day, Summer Lightning. The trail was running the fastest it has in probably 8 months or so! Everyone was grinning.


Next we headed towards Holmbury St Mary blasting down one of the main bridleways that link the hills and then a steady climb to the top of Holmbury Hill. Here we do our first lap of Yogurt Pots, thankfully not living up to its name being fast, dry and dusty. Gareth even manages to get another hot lap of the trail in before some of us (me) have got our breathe back.


All that is left is a fast run down the legendary Barry Knows Best to the tea stop at Peaslake village store. The shop was so busy the oven was having to work overtime to feed everyone with cheese straws and pork and leak slices.


After the tea stop we headed back to the top of Holmbury Hill to do our second lap of Yogurt Pots (3rd in Gareths case) and then straight on to Telegraph Row. From here we headed back towards Leith Hill and the long steady climb to the tower. Next we headed past the cricket pitch and into the woods stopping at the top of Deliverance to 'um and ah' over dropping in. Dave mans up and takes the plunge nearly collecting a tree at the bottom!


Finally we head down Regurgitator back into Coldharbour. Everyone seemed to be pretty happy, especially when we spy the village pub and decided to sit in the sun with a pint. Perfect!


Cheers to everyone who came along and cheers to the other Phil C for back marking.


Phil C (the first one)