Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bailey's kindness rewarded with a handicap win

Richard Bailey going round the bend!
By MichelleTris
Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 20:44
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“Funny”, I admitted as I slammed my body weight down on the track pump, “that is exactly what just went through my mind” (it genuinely was). 

After half an hour spent fiddling with a threaded rear seat post bolt, I was now pumping up the inner tube Richard had kindly lent me after mine went ‘POP BANG HISS’ about 5 minutes before John Eg was due to say ‘3,2,1 GO!’

His very much appreciated kindness was rewarded with a 51 second improvement, that saw the trike rider take first on handicap, whilst Matt Peel raced to first place with a 21 second improvement on last week.

Returning after what I (think I) was told was an 11 year break, Jed Rock-ed into second, alongside Steve Bryant who recorded an identical time, to take third on handicap.

Sitting on the tip of my saddle, hoping not to hear any more hissing and trying not to disturb the left seat post bolt which was sitting in an entirely threaded clamp (whyyyy do I fiddle with these things?!) was me, with a 24.52.

In fifth and only seconds behind was Geoff, who found himself unclipping to sit behind a roundabout traffic jam.

A calm evening, only to be disturbed by a little panicking from myself, and the whoosh of wheels swooping down the generally-traffic-free-unless-you-are-Geoff dual carriageway.

Thanks to John Eg for his time keeping, and the the marshalls from *cough* <insertnameofcyclingclubhere> *cough* who came along to guide the way!


1 - Matt Peel - 22.28 (2nd Handicap  +0.21)

=2 - Steve Bryant - 23.51 (3rd Handicao  +0.07)

=2 - Jed Rock - 23.51

4 - Michelle Arthurs - 24.52 (4th Handicap -0.01)

5 - Geoff Clifton - 24.56 (5th Handicap -0.46)

6 - Matt Cope - 27.15

7 - Simon Ellis - 27.38

8 - Richard Bailey - 28.15 (1st Handicap  +0.51)

9 - Georgina Smith - 28.39