Saturday, 13 September 2014

Stockholm Syndrome?

20140913 - Weight back Mike!
By Mat Swan
Monday, September 15, 2014 - 23:22
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I had planned to go hill hunting on this ride, not for masochistic reasons of VO2 max and the like, but because more uphill means more downhill. I think this is a fair trade off, some may have other ideas!


Either way, the weather was spot on for it once the slightly muggy clouds clinging to Reigate Hill and burnt off and the trails were so, so very dry. So dry, in fact, that it was actually heard at the bottom of one particularly steep, switch-backed descent, which had induced several slips, dabs and at least one crash, that 'that would be better after a bit of rain'. Perish the thought! Is this Stockholm Syndrome that Redhill riders have picked up from the seemingly endless rain this winter that they would wish away the dustiest the trails have been for a long long time?


Anyway, having made it across the Mole and up the other side, we blasted down Golden Nugget before heading up the valley to Polesden. The monstrous sausage rolls there may make them a favourite for a winter stop, but today we were moving on to pastures new! Just down the road to Bookham and we were parked up outside Domestique cycle cafe tucking into cake and tea (Mark 'pure athlete' H was more keen to sample the gels than the baked goods...)


After that it was home via Norbury, blissfully empty of angry motorbikes, Juniper and Headley to total around 24 up and down heavy miles. Thanks for coming with me and welcome to Oscar out on his first ride!