Wednesday, 18 March 2015

84 RCC riders rack up the Miles In Mallorca

The Mallorca Training Camp Crew 2015
By Adrian Webb
Monday, March 23, 2015 - 13:03
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Thankfully, we live in the days of social media and after a small amount of pressure, a fantastic total of 84 riders got to enjoy the smooth roads and iconic climbs of the cycling island.


The weather too looked like it might make things tricky for us but in the end, for the Sunday departures Saturday produced a perfect day of no wind, sunshine and for many Sa Calobra.


This report contains only the hors d'oeuvres... but it's so we could share the link to the photo album. The password is in the forum... or if you're feeling creative, take the name of the seafront bar we were most likely to stop at, use a capital for the first letter and zeros for the 'o's and you should be able to access. Use the same password to upload your own pictures into the same album for others if you wish.


to upload use this link with the same password if prompted...


If anyone would like to do write ups of any of their rides, ascents or memories, either pop them in the forum or email Adrian and they can be added below.