Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mallorca 2016 - the extra month makes a difference

Mallorca 2016
By Adrian Webb
Sunday, April 24, 2016 - 12:40
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The change of date to April made a big difference to everyone who joined the RCC Mallorca 2016 tour. Same smooth roads and gorgeous scenery but with the addition of a few extra centigrade to lighten the mood and seal the joy of riding in short sleeve jerseys and bib shorts. 71 Redhill riders took part in total with some momunmental feats recorded...

Among the high spots...

1) Phil Gibson, Irene Leitner and Francis Jordan setting off at 5am on Saturday morning, returning at 6.30pm in the evening having racked up 132 miles to Andratx and back complete with 10,500ft of climbing en route.

2) Peter Farnfield's quicker group doing the same trip in 8h40m averaging a whisker over 15mph - an astonishing feat given the scale of climbing involved.

3) Andrew Walker then decided to go for a short ride but ended up doing the entire route of the two above at a blistering pace setting out at 9.30am and returning at 6.30pm. 132 miles, all that climbing... 9 hours? I feel tired typing it.

4) Then just when your Endurance comprehension tanks are fit to bust, Howard Dyson does this: 
Yes. that will be 12.5 hours of riding, 148 miles and 15,322ft of climbing!

5) However, for all the feast of endurance above, it's worth also celebrating the lesser but equally magnificent achievements of all the G2s, 3s and 4s who showed up each morning and  followed the excellent routes of Rick, Dave Gill, Mark V, Ian Taylor, Mike O and all the other fine leaders who made it such a great week.
Finally, all of us send a public and huge 'thank you' to Nick Brookes for his incredible organisational undertakings and to Frank and Norman who carried out more rescues than your average Fire and Rescue service. Hugely appreciated.