Saturday, 19 November 2016

Leaves on the (good) line

By Mat Swan
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 22:27
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My second start from Rykas in as many rides, and a beautiful morning for it!

Inevitably, we opened with the winch up the Denbies bridleway. Not the hardest climb on this bit of hill, but certainly not the easiest, it was a good way to get everyone warmed up from what was possibly the first properly chilly Saturday start of the winter. It had been good to see some faces that haven't been out on club rides much of late, with Mark Edwards, Mike Chaplin, Rad and Steve G all showing up at the start- unfortunately we lost Mike early to feeling the impact of a cold (although it was noted that it even in that state he still rode out to Ranmore and back).

Over the top of Ranmore and, like last time, it was down Wire in the Blood. I was keen to tackle this before the wet makes it horrific and it was already getting slippery,getting some wobbles even from the usually unphased Rad. When we eventually slipped round the last corner and regrouped at the bottom we struck off for Westcott, Abinger and sandier, drier trails. Somewhere we lost Jim, Matt and Si but after some phone co-ordination we arranged a rendezvous at the far end of the Roughs.

Once across the A25, it was up to Holmbury. No time to hang around, it was off to Barry Knows Best and lawsuit drop via Surfer Rosa. The miles were slowly beginning to tell here, with calls for a quick run to Peaslake. Not to be! Plans with Pitch instead. Graham, apologies, I didn't realise you'd peeled off here until the top!

The climb to Pitch is always nasty, but I never feel let down by the trails you get in return. Down Proper Bo! and on down to Walking Bottom via a couple of my favourite twisty trails and now it was time for tea.

Refuelled, all we had to do was head down Rad Lane and back over Ranmore, where one final treat lay in store- a lovely flowy trail almost swallowed by the leaves covering the floor. Still, we found our way down and I think everyone enjoyed it! Just the road back through Westhumble and we were done.



(A few more photos here)