Saturday, 14 January 2017

Where did the sun go?

Where did the sun go
By Peter Farnfield
Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 11:32
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After the snow and ice of this last week getting out on Saturday was always going to be a long shot. But I was encouraged by the BBC Weather forecast that confidently predicted sun over midday. So we delayed the start to 11 am with high hopes of a good winter ride, one in which we intrepid few could have bragging rights for getting out when others had stayed a bed (fat chance I expect for most of course). Seven of us ventured out, Peter F, Stuart B, Steve D, Dave E, Clive L, Jeff B and welcome visitor Steve T. Despite having spent hours plotting a route this was ditched in favour of a proven safe ride to Bushey Park. By the time we'd got north of Leatherhead the rain started to fall and so it was another dirty ride against a bitter NW wind. Steve D picked up a shard of glass in Leatherhead but with recent practice he produced a PB, though  there was a bit of assistance , but it is a group ride so we all pitch in! Not much really of great note to report on the ride, the main thing was we all got back safely with no encounters of ice. The sun did briefly show its face as we came back to Reigate but it was Mind you Dave E was a bit of a "moany mis" constantly complaining getting close to regret but despite all that we suffered it was good to have gone out and the hot shower was bliss. Now sitting in front of the fire feeling pretty good and about to make the most of those bragging rights.