Saturday, 25 March 2017

Once more from Reigate Hill

20170325 - RH 1 Tom
By Mat Swan
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 22:21
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Two rides from the same start in two weekends, so I thought I'd better try and keep them at least a little different! This time we headed out through Walton to Epsom Downs and then back down Stane Street, picking up some Mickleham Downs singletrack and then heading over the Mole to Bocketts for tea before a fairly direct route back up Alsation and over Headley Heath

Highlights for me:

- Flying across the heath to Walton on trails that would have been very muddy not that long ago was a good indicator of what was to come

- Finding out that 'Smoker's Hill' down to Epsom is forming a nice new gully after being sanitised a few years ago.

- Getting smoother down Viet Cong- next time on the steep bit for you Mo!

-Sitting outside in the sun for tea and cake!!!

- A really fun run down White Honky in perfect conditions, especially the slightly 'built up compared to last time' that gave a pleasant airborne moment.

- Confirming to Dave that the steep track across Headley Heath he jokingly suggested we were going up next was in fact exactly where we were going....

I'm sure other people can suggest other things! Anyway, we all made it back and sat in the sun on Reigate Hill for ice cream, so hopefully we can see some more days like this.