Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ben takes Handicap Win

Ben Elliot en route to strong handicap win
By Adrian Webb
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 08:06
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Tonight saw week 2 of the Summer TT series and 17 riders enjoyed warm, sunny conditions with a light breeze. There were eight Redhill riders and lots of familiar guests from other clubs.

Tri-Surrey turned up mob-handed to show us what the multi-sport guys are capable of and it was good to see some Oxted CC and Crawley Wheelers guys for the first time this season.

In terms of results, top of the pile was Redhill’s own speed machine Matt Peel who zoomed around the 3 laps of Horne in 19:37 - despite being unable to either walk or talk due to the tightness of his new Skinsuit! Dom Clegg was the Paceline representative this week and put in a super shift on his road bike to beat the twenty-minute mark and post a 19:58. Matthew Ferguson was 3rd in 20:19, again on a road bike, and 3rd in the handicap after shaving 33 seconds from last weeks ride.

Nick Barratt was the speediest of the Tri-Surrey quartet with a 20:36 and Crawley Wheelers Brindley Taylor was just 2 seconds behind in 20:38. RCC’s Ran Harris was an impressive 6th with a new bike and a new jersey he shaved off 30 seconds from last week’s effort.

Stuart Bunt felt warmer after suffering in the cold last week with a much better 22:44 and 2nd in the Handicap competition after going 45 seconds quicker. Young Ben Elliot and (slightly older) Steve Bryant were separated by only 2 second with 23:01 and 23:03 respectively with Ben taking all 10 points in the Handicap comp with a 1 minute and 1 second improvement. Steve went significantly faster on his road bike than last week on his TT bike. Scratching of heads all round... maybe it was just the lovely weather!

James Trigg (23:37) and Geoff Clifton (25:26) completed the Redhill CC contingent.

Adrian pushed off and then took pictures. To see the gallery, copy and paste this URL into your browser

Same again next week, folks. Still room for more riders!

Full results below.


#Name                                                               Total1

Matt Peel (RCC)                                                 19:37.12

Dom Clegg (Paceline)                                        19:58.13

Matthew Ferguson (RCC)                                  20:19.94

Nick Barratt                                                        20:36.95

Brindley Taylor                                                   20:38.66

Ryan Harris (RCC)                                            22:30.77

Steve Ball (Tri Surrey)                                       22:40.38

Stuart Bunt (RCC)                                             22:44.39

Danny York                                                        22:51.610

Ben Elliot (RCC)                                                23:01.211

Steve Bryant (RCC)                                           23:03.712

Russel Harmsworth (Oxted)                              23:08.613

Simon McCann                                                  23:32.714

James Trigg (RCC)                                            23:37.115

Gavin Fox                                                          23:40.616

Guy Hainsworth                                                 24:15.817

Geoff Clifton (RCC)                                           25:26.4



1. Ben Elliot + 1:01

2. Stuart Bunt + 0:45

3. Matthew Ferguson + 0:33

4. Ryan Harris + 0:30

5. James Trigg + 0:26

6. Steve Bryant + 0:11

7. Matt Peel + 0:05