Sunday, 28 May 2017

The tortoises miss the rain

Gylnde 2017A
By Michael Ormerod
Monday, May 29, 2017 - 22:35
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Last Sunday, the Sunday Steady joined the YMCA training rides with the advantage that there was free tea or coffee before we headed off. There was a turn out of over thirty riders, at least 12 of them from Redhill CC. The club cyclists opted for either the 90 miles jaunt to Alfriston led by Jacquie Phillips and Fran Stevens or the 72 mile ride to Glynde led by Mike Ormerod and Alison Steele.

I led the Gynde contingent upĀ Old Hollow and then down a little shortcut onto the Balcombe Road, near Maidenbower. Then it was a lumpy ride to Balcombe and on to Haywards Heath, Wivelsfield and through the lanes to the A275. From there, we turned down the A2029 which took us round the back of Lewes onto the cycle path along the A26 into Ranscombe Lane to Glynde and the Little Cottage Tea Rooms. The new owners, who had reserved a table for us, gave us a warm welcome although the size of the group meant that the service was slow; a good excuse to relax in the sun.

The return route took us through quiet lanes to Isfield and Nutley, where Jacquie's group caught up with us.

At Wych Cross, two of our party were tiring and delaying the rest of the group so we split, Alison leading the the others at a fastest pace home while I proceeded more slowly. It turned out that the slow speed had its advantages. We stayed dry at the edge of a heavy dwonpour. From the Old Hollow back to Redhill the roads were covered in water. I suspect the faster riders got soaked!

Mike Ormerod