Saturday, 10 June 2017

A Mixed Alliance of Charmers

G2/3 June 10 2107
By Rick Gregory
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 15:00
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In the current climate of political unrest and uncertainty, it is encouraging to be able to report on an outstanding example of cross-party cooperation.

Those of us in G2 unable to travel to Hartfield for various reasons this Saturday assembled at the ‘Drome’.

Due to the temporary absence of General Gregory, Brigadier Matthew ‘Stormin’’ Sturmer had taken up the reins (or should it be handlebars?) for a ride to Rudgwick to sample the famed ‘Charmer’ on Toast.

As we mustered at the departure point it became obvious that a larger task force than anticipated was assembling with representatives from not only G2, but also members of G3 and even G5.

In the best interests of cooperation and the club and following a brief comparison of our individual manifestos, a merger was proposed.

Matt had been elected to provide strong and stable leadership and was ably assisted by Bryan Strapp and Ian Taylor.

The coalition got off to a good start following a scenic and enjoyable route through Woodhatch, along Flanchford Road to Leigh and thence on to Newdigate, Capel and Ockley. Fifteen in total, we had split into two smaller working parties yet still with a common destination and purpose.

There was a good deal of good-natured banter, plenty of enjoyable conversation and the chance to talk to people with whom you had not ridden before.

Of particular note, the Milk Churn has seriously upped its game. We arrived to be followed soon after by another group from SWRC - there were also a number of other customers including a ramblers’ group, yet the service remained unruffled, fast and efficient, aided by the recent innovation of pagers to alert you when your order was ready. The large new ‘summer house’ has provided plenty of additional seating to comfortably accommodate the ebb and flow of large groups. Most impressive were the new gents’ loos with the additional of several new service installations. Although curious if this upgrade was universal, I didn’t check the ladies however…

Interestingly it seemed a slightly quicker overall pace for us G2s than normal but it was well judged by the leaders and we all stayed comfortably together as a group. The distance covered was a total of 48 miles and was a most enjoyable outing, which must open the way for similar alliances in the near future.

Paul S.

Picture courtesy of Louise

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