Saturday, 24 June 2017

RCC Stanmer Big dog Recce

By Jim Jones
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 23:53
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The week leading up to Saturday was blisteringly hot, so as expected it was just starting to drizzle at twenty past nine as we arrived at the car park.

Leading out from the shadow of the windmills Lee led us of on to the south downs with a gentle climb then dropping down in to a farm yard. A couple of steep climbs later, we found ourselves emerging out on to Ditching Beacon road. Crossing the road we entered in to the top of the Stanmer Park area and some trails some recognised from last years Big Dog.The upcoming trails seemed quite tight with the current width of handlebars bikes seemed to come with these days , but great fun just the same. Lee took us down in to tea at the Stanmer Park tea shop which had a great selection of snacks to eat while sheltering from the now heavier rain. Leaving tea Lee led us on to another couple of routes that he had found, and then back over the downs to the top of ditching and  along the ridge towards Pyecomb golf course, where we turned right and rolled back down to the car parks in time to see the now strengthening wind turning one of the windmills.

A great ride well found by Lee and a good starting point for more in the future.