Wednesday, 5 July 2017

20 out as Matthew shaves 20 off!

Matthew Ready to shave 20 seconds off
By Adrian Webb
Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 07:25
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A balmy, humid evening down at Horne saw 20 riders turn out to tackle the Horne course in a variety of methods on the 10th meet of the series this year.

 A tricycle, two x two-ups (male and female) and current RCC star Matthew Ferguson trying the course for the first time on TT sec and timekeeper, Jonny Bradbourne's loaned TT bike. Plus course record holder, Keith Lea, looking as smooth as whipped ice cream and as aero as a javelin. What would the evening hold?

In the end, there was no course record breaking... but Keith did manage to record a scorching 18:45. When asked whether he knew that he was on for a good time, Keith confided that he never displays elapsed time on his electronics. Apparently he just 'gives it everything I've got...' knowing that sight of the time might demotivate.  Wise words.

With the help of Jonny's TT bike, the next home was Matthew Ferguson - getting stronger every week - who shaved over 20 seconds off his course PB. Given this was his first ever ride of the bike, it augurs well. In fact Keith was confident that within a year, Matthew would take the course record off him!

After the reliable Danny York with a 20:33, next RCC man up was Simon Powell getting closer and closer to that sub-21 time with a 21:13 and showing his strength. He was followed closely by Steve Bryant who continues to improve steadily week-on-week... getting close to the same barrier himself. 

Next up, despite a bit of a Laurel and Hardy start were the male two-up of Russell Hicks and Ben Battye of Oxted. They used each others strengths to get round in 21:25. Three Redhill riders took positions 10, 11 and 12.  Young Ben Elliot managed another remarkable ride to just beat the combined class of Steve Dewis and 1800 watt man, James Penny, for his first ride of the season (that was his peak power recorded at the winter Watt Bike sessions!) This time gave him the honours in the Handicap for the evening. 

Finally, for Redhill came Geoff Clifton testing out the TT strengths of a beautiful Dassi on loan from his own shop, Destination Bike, with a 23:33, closely followed by Kimbers and Gina looking quick once again with a 25:33 between them.

Propping up the table but still with an average close to 20mph was tricycle afficianado and raconteur, Richard Bailey. 

It was the most gorgeous evening... humour, effort, beautiful clouds and mostly considerate motorists. What's not to like!?

17-07-05 Redhill CC TT Week 10
Bicycle, Road -20 km
5 Jul 2017, 20:01

Lat: 51.178799; Long: -0.079327

# Name Total
1 Keith Lea (Paceline) 18:45.0
2 Matthew Ferguson (RCC) 19:21.7
3 Danny York (Westerham) 20:33.6
4 Pete Campbell 21:09.5
5 Simon Powell (RCC) 21:13.1
6 Steve Bryant (RCC) 21:24.9
7 Ben Battye (Oxted) 21:25.7
8 Russell Hicks (Oxted) 21:25.9
9 Joseph Gokmen (London Dynamo) 21:35.9
10 Ben Elliot (RCC) 22:05.1
11 Steve Dewis (RCC) 22:21.7
12 James Penny (RCC) 22:41.4
13 Thomas Flynn 22:42.0
14 Dan Cottingham (Oxted) 22:58.2
15 Gustavo Zibetti 22:58.5
16 Geoff Clifton (RCC) 23:33.0
17 Gina Brown (RCC) 25:33.0
18 Kimberley Anderson (RCC) 25:33.3
19 Peter Adams ( Tri-Surrey) 26:24.7
20 Richard Bailey (RCC) 27:14.4


1. Ben Elliot - + 0:23

2. Matthew Ferguson - + 0:20

3. Steve Bryant - + 0:11

4. Simon Powell - + 0:01